Super Dads – The 6th best healer in the world – The Big Bay Waffle Company

I am sitting at The Big Bay Waffle Company [ FB ], at Eden on the Bay Cape Town. In this episode, I sit down with the owners and talk about what they have been naturally as a family, been practising day-after-day, generation-after-generation the 6th best healer in the world. Who your friends are, in this case, your family members and unity.

Because it is a waffle carb eatery, I also discuss why one shouldn’t blame sugar and salt for what artificial light and nnEMF did to your health, obesity and or diabetes. I also share the unique practice my family and I do at the Eden on the Bay so that we can eat waffles, ice cream, bacon etc… and has no impact on us.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a Waffle eating experience as I did. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].


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