Super Dads – Prize Giveaway – Nude Foods – Plastic Free Supermarket – first one I really enjoyed and recommend

Nude foods [ FB ] is a plastic free supermarket. I was treated to a a plastic-free shopping experience for myself and family. It involved filling our pantry with some high-quality, sustainable, delicious foods and products, without filling the bin with wasteful packaging.

I then had a sit-down with owner Paul on their bulk wholefoods, health foods, and earth-friendly products are all non-GMO, plastic-free and sold by weight. He tells me about their goal is to make plastic-free shopping easy and accessible to the everyday shopper, whilst supporting local suppliers and other waste reducing initiatives.

Admittedly, when my producer first put this show together I was skeptical. Why? I have visited a couple of these zero waste stores in South Africa and I really was not impressed by the experience nor by the hypocrisy where the environment itself was an epigenetic disaster.

I talk about some of these experiences along with the epigenetic challenges now facing Vegans and Vegetarians in a blue-light bi-directional microwaveable nnEMF world. How India has the fastest growing rate of diabetes and how this is all linked.

Paul is a thumbs up guy, and he definitely makes you feel welcomed within the store and has a demonstrable pride on his concept for a plastic free Supermarket.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a R200 shopping voucher experience as I did. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].


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