SuperDads – Prize giveaway – Having a Güdsheet

Finally a biodegradable toilet paper soft for one’s bottom, great for the environment and awesomely giving to those in need. In today’s episode, I interview Ruan from Gudco [ ] on the Güdsheet. I talk behind the science on what is needed environmentally to have a Güdsheet, along with how to increase one’s longevity in having a Güdsheet.

The ease of toilet paper is often taken for granted but this soft eco-warrior solution using sugarcane is absolutely why we loved Gudsheet!

Corporate Social Responsibility – for those with low dopamine: Why Güdsheet? Millions of South Africans don’t have access to a toilet, or even toilet paper. Poor sanitation is the strong proponent of diarrhoea related diseases that kill hundreds of people every day.

Through your purchases, Güdsheet helps provide Toilets & Toilet Paper to underprivileged schools & crèches in need. Why toilets & TP? Because they provide dignity, health and an improved quality of life.

Competition entry details

1. Listen to the show for the question. We will have one lucky winners.

2. On the SuperDads facebook page, make sure you are a member and place the answer in the comments section. Don’t forget to also show your love to Gudsheetby liking their FB page too.

3. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ] .

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