Super Dads – Prize Giveaway – GroPro – Most epic product I have ever reviewed & BEST for Cannabis growth

Sharn from GroPro is definitely in the top 3 products I have ever had the chance to review. It is really amazing. It is not just a worm farm but is also a gardening-made-easy solution. Water and space saving. Organic. Beautiful. 

I believe it is the best value for money as far as domestic garden systems go. No irrigation needed, can be installed in your flat, is pretty and your children will love it as it also functions as a decorative art piece.

I talk about some important biohacks for your GroPro as well as how it is the best system if you wish to grow your own Cannabis. Yes, Cannabis has become decriminalized for private use and growth in South Africa. Using the GroPro, you will be able to produce a better bioavailable crop versus lab grown. 

I don’t discuss the Cannabis protocol but it will be available on Patreon in the future.

Competition entry details

1. Listen to the show for the question. One lucky winner of a GroPro worth R1,600.00.

2. On the SuperDads facebook page, make sure you are a member and place the answer in the comments section. Don’t forget to also show your love to GroPro by liking their FB page too.

3. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ] .

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