Super Dads – Gary Kirwan – Co-founder of Biohackers Lab

Gary Kirwan is a co-founder of Biohackers Lab. A website and health podcast that explores the world of biohacking and citizen scientist experiments people are doing to help improve their health or the health of their family. He has a degree in Chiropractic and has a keen interest in many health fields ranging pain management to nutritional health.

P.S. you may recognize the South African accent. However, now he resides in the UK.

In the show, we talk about one Dad to another. Sharing insights into bio and mito hacking your habits in order to improve your biological performance.

Some show note links from the show:

Blue-blocking glasses:

Gary talks about his Duco [ ]

And that he also uses Swanwick Sleep. Now available in South Africa [ ] use the code “jameslech” to get your 10% discount.

We also chat about hardwiring your mobile phone and or tablet. Save on data, reduce your nnEMF exposure:

The iPhone to ethernet adapter device. I recommend purchasing it on eBay because of shipping issues with Amazon and it’s not easy finding a local supplier. But please let us know if you do.

Gary also talks about the used for his iPad, Macbook and iPhone in reducing your nnEMF exposures.


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