Hangout With Heather – Human Rights Day

Happy Tuesday, and a very happy Human Rights Day to everyone celebrating in South Africa! Remember a public holiday is not just a day for sleeping in – but most importantly a day for recognizing the rights of everyone in this beautiful country we call home.

In keeping with the vein of social responsibility Heather has 20 life changing principles to share courtesy of @JontiMayer. As one of South Africa’s leading executive coaches and an acclaimed leadership consultant, strategy facilitator and organisational development expert, Jonti’s experience spans 20 years and several countries.

Passionate about helping people step into their flow, find their power and create their most inspired future, Jonti has a unique ability to unlock people’s potential and assist them in breaking through their invisible barriers. These will certainly inspire you.

The judges for the @Official_MissSA have been announced and include the likes of @Mapsmaponyane @BridgetMasinga and @CameronvdBurgh to name just a few. The glittering finale is set to take place on Sunday 26th March at the stunning @SunCityResortSA !

Heather heads through to test drive a brand new “wax bar” in Douglasdale called @WAXITSA and shares her experiences good and bad about waxing and threading and hair removal in general.

The very cool @StanleyBeerYard have just announced their busking and jazz evenings that will be starting in April – they look like loads of fun and give local artists and musicians a great platform to share their talents – find out more on the show!

If you have an event coming up near you that you would like Heather to talk about, please do drop her an email on

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