Hangout With Heather – Da Vinci, Lumineers & Tranquini

It’s getting festive in Johannesburg and Heather is feeling quite Christmassy herself. This week she treated herself to a mini stay-cation @DaVinciHotelSA – and enjoyed getting away in her very own city, sounds like it was really fun!

Heather discovers @TranquiniGlobal – a relaxing drink, and agrees that this is great for non-drinkers, or responsible drivers this festive season, and it’s tasty and healthy too!

Speaking of healthy – Heather does some research into ice cream and @HaagenDazs_SA comes out as the healthiest option with only 5 natural ingredients and no other added yucky stuff – quite interesting indeed!

@TheLumineers are heading to Jozi in April 2017 and Heather is excited about this. She will also have tickets to give away in January, so don’t miss out!

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