Fashion for Fellas – Smart Shopping

The smart shopping movement.
For most men we see something and immediately are drawn to it with more facts to back up this notion. Most instances men rarely consider smart shopping, that’s if the person even knows what that is.
Our mentalities are wired for action in the present and that’s no crime but this has an impact if you are using too much of your finances for something like clothing and there’s a slight possibility to get that same outfit or piece of clothing half price else where.
Factors to consider when doing your retail shopping is actually a subject that they teach you from primary through to college, economics, it is important to plan your shopping escapades maybe two weeks prior to the actual date. That way you know how much you have and what you want.
Economics 101 (Budget, Planning).
Like Economics most retail stores use this method of first-in-first-out. This means summer clothing will arrive later on during winter, by that time it’s not in demand but on display and the prices are actual beyond reasonable and by doing so you get to have that piece of clothing first and for a lesser price.
Managing your finances and hard earned money has to take priority as men we are providers too many, family, children, spouses, etc taking the time to stop and look at the price tag will not only help you shop smarter but keep your pockets happier too.

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