My day on public transport

After my rant about Rea Vaya yesterday, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and actually try public transport before moaning about it. For five years, I have lived opposite a Metro bus stop in Berario, near Northcliff, and I have never made use of the buses that rode past every morning and afternoon. That was until today.

The main reason for not using the buses was because there is no real signage to explain when the buses come past and where they travel to. I have tried the Metro Bus website, but it is written for people that take the routes often and it seemed very complicated to me. I have written about all of that before.

This time around, I tweeted about my plans and a great website, Moving Joburg, followed me and sent me to their site. It is great! If you need to take a train or bus in Jozi, then make a stop there. They are still working on a few things, but it is a good starting point.


I didn’t HAVE to be anywhere in particular but knew that I wanted to get to the SABC before midday. Unfortunately, there are only two times that a bus rides past my bus stop in the morning. Those times are 6:30 and 7am. I had no choice but to take one of those, so I chose the 7am option. The bus arrived on time and I asked the driver if he was going to my destination that I had in mind, Milpark Hospital at the bottom of Barry Hertzog. He agreed and said that the fair was R13.80. I paid in cash and got change and I was on my way.

15 minutes later, I was in Milpark.

What a pleasure!

Next was the walk from Milpark to the SABC which was on well paved pavements (sidewalks) but it was a little overgrown with grass. A little bit of work might be needed by the council to clean the verges up.

The trip back was a little more challenging as the amount of buses coming past increased exponentially. I had a little wait at the bus stop but a well-signed bus stopped and, after 15 minutes, dropped me off right outside my house. There was a strong stench of pee at the bus stop at Milpark, but I have smelt worse in some world class cities.

Would I do it again and use a bus instead of my car?


You should too.


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