CarbonTRACK Launch

Last night we were at the launch of an amazing power-saving device named CarbonTRACK. We met the designers, the makers and the people behind a product that they say will save you 35% of the power that you currently use. The device is installed near your power board and you can control your power using devices remotely on your smart mobile phone.

You can set the time that your geyser is switched on and off, you can control the temperature of that geyser too. With little plugs added, you can also switch your appliances off and on, with your phone, no matter where you are.

We are putting a video together in which we speak to Irvan Damon, the CEO and we also chat with Aki Anistasio of 702 fame who tested the unit and tells us how it works and how to use it.

Thank you to Southern Sun Hyde Park for putting on another great function and thank you to CarbonTRACK for helping the environment.

That makes us Happy.

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