Technology and my Sport

I used to be a keen cyclist and still enjoy a ride or two. Next week I hope to restart a training programme with my mate Stuart Pickering. He is a very good cyclist who takes the sport seriously and it will be a good challenge for me again. Winter is also around the corner and riding in the cold is tough.
I don’t really have an excuse why I haven’t been riding besides the change in life that I have had over the last couple of months. I think that maybe I should have done it more than the less I have been doing.

My son recently asked me if I would join him on a run in the afternoons. I found a programme on Fittrack to start from nothing to run a 10km run over a few weeks. so the two of us run four times a week. When I say run, I mean that we walk a lot and stumble our way around the neighborhood. I think that we must make quite the sight.

When I rode, I was a technology wizz. I use a Garmin 500 cycling computer that tells me all I need to know about my ride. Distance and speed, obviously, but also heart rate training zones and there is also a “race against yourself” option where you can ride a route against yourself to see how you are improving. Or not.

I also used Endomondo which is a great smart-phone app that keeps track of much the same things, but is more social and posts the information onto a website.

Add to that Strava, which any cyclist worth his salt needs to use. I did find that I was moving away from Endomondo and using Strava more, as it had more people using it so it was more fun.

You can follow me on both.

Recently I bought a set of BlueTooth headphones to add to the technology mix. But there is massive interference or my phone just can’t handle all of the apps being open at the same time. The music doesn’t stream correctly and it’s a pain in the ass, so I stopped using that. The amount of wireless around my bike must be amazing. Wireless heart-rate band on my chest, bluetooth, ant+ not to mention 3G and WiFi. I think it became a bit of too much.

Now when I run, I am using very little. Nike Shoes, a watch and off I go. I must say that it is quite liberating. I like that I only need to run/walk for a certain time. I don’t keep too close an eye on my heart rate, I run on feel.

I am sure that I will use tech more late when I might get more serious, but for now, I love just getting out, running for fun and I really am having fun with my son. We see places around our house that we have never seen because who goes out there right?

What technology do you use?

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