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A press release came across my very small desk yesterday afternoon. In it, Tsogo Sun very proudly proclaimed that the Palazzo Hotel was voted the ” Best Luxury Casino Hotel on the African continent in the coveted World Luxury Hotel Awards.”

That is an amazing prize to win. Anything with the word “best” in must be a good award. Let’s face it, it’s not the “worst” hotel award, which can’t be one of those awards one would like to win. But my problem with these awards is that there so many of them. The Best Luxury Casino Hotel implies that there is an award for the Best Non-luxury Casino Hotel etc. The award show could go on all night. Do yourself a favour and have a look at just how many awards there were. Take your time, it’s a long list.

Now to win the award for any one of those categories is a thing worth sharing, but one has to wonder. Is it worth it? How much more will the Palazzo charge their guests because they are an award winning hotel. And while I am on it, is the Palazzo better than the Lost City Hotel?

I have been lucky enough to stay in both hotels, but only for one night. Having only one night to check service, food, accommodation and all the other things that need to be checked just isn’t enough time. But based on my times there, I am sure that Sun City kicks the Palazzo’s ass every day. I wonder how much costs and travel time were included in the awards.

To stay a night in a superior room at the Palazzo tonight will cost you R2900  for two people for the night. The Palace? Wait for it….. FROM R5712 per person per night!


One day I want to earn anything near that to be able to pay for either.

Right now I love the idea that we have some of the best hotels in the world right on our doorstep. Keep those awards coming in and one day when I want, I can use them. For now, I hope those international tourists come and spend their Pounds and Dollars and Yen so that we can make some money.

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