Water Usage

It’s not until you need to use a little water, do you realise just how much water you use.

Johannesburg were supposed to be working on the water pumps and pipes a couple of weekends ago. That date was postponed and moved to this weekend. But as I write, there is still water in the taps and everything is going as it normally does. This leads me to think of two things: 1) JHB aren’t working on the pipes and pumps this weekend and I didn’t see an update. 2) They were very fast and all is good. I am going with the first option…

In preparation for this doomsday event of having no water, I went out to the store and bought myself some 5 litre bottles of water. In hindsight, it was a silly idea as I have plenty of water bottles that I simply could have filled up, to store water. In my fridge right now is over 15 litres of water stored in my cycling water bottles that I have collected over the years. Thank you to Hollard, MTN, 94.7 Cycle Challenge and Powerade for the sponsorship.

Although I have water in my pipes, I decided to use the water in these water bottles, so as not to waste and this is when I realised just how much water I use. It hasn’t been a perfect scientific study, maybe there is time for that another time, but it did make me realise how much I waste.

Two cups of coffee and I had gone through a bottle and half from the fridge. I then had to rinse those coffee cups for the second cup and that was another water bottle down the drain. Feel like a glass of water? Rinse it, fill it and throw away that last little bit, that was another cycling bottle of water gone. The dog’s water bowl was empty, fill that up with another bottle from my cycling days.

Right now, just 2 hours into the experiments, I have 5 empty bottles of water in my sink and all I have done is have 4 cups of coffee. That doesn’t include the toilet flushing, the shower and tooth brushing as well as the washing machine preparing my clothes for the morning.

I don’t think that I would make a very good doomsday prepper. I think that I like my first world, middle class life. Now if only the people in charge in South Africa will help me stay in that comfortable lifestyle.

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