Can I not mention Load Shedding

I don’t think that it is right that I have not written about Load Shedding yet. I think I am the last one to bring up the topic.

Load Shedding, brown outs, lazy-ass bureaucrats, call it what you want, it’s a reality of living in South Africa today. Yes, we can blame people until we are blue in the face, but the fact is that the power will go out and we have to make do with the lot we are given.

I have installed a solar geyser, which is the best investment I have made. I would love to install solar power too but the cost is out of my range as I type this. As the power outages continue, the prices of solar won’t come down as they are at a premium and would you charge less? I don’t think so.

I have candles and I am, today, going to buy a gas stop top thing to go on my gas bottle so that I can have a cup of coffee any time I like.

What does get me angry is the inconsistency of the power outages. I will make do with 2-4 hour blocks of power outages, but if the website and your communication says 8-10, then do the power outage from 8-10, not 8:14 – 10:35. That is rude and inconsiderate. It might be difficult for you to coordinate your outages but then make a plan and work around it. We have lives, jobs, plans and other things to do than wait around for your poorly planned outages.

Another irritant is the damage to electronic goods. The power surge after a Load Shedding has hurt many of my electrical goods. That means that I have to switch things off at the wall to prevent a power surge, I don’t understand how in 2015, there are still these problems. Where are the technical experts? Why aren’t we paying people more to be better at their jobs?

Please leave your load shedding comments below and maybe we can find out where the electrical engineers are living.

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