Confused? Yes!

As I was driving to pay my fine that I got for driving too fast last month, I noticed this interesting speed-sign posting in Constantia Kloof. I decided that I would show you a little picture essay on what I saw. Maybe you can make sense of what the Road Agency are wanting the driving public to do.
It all starts about 100 metres away from the traffic circle between Jim Fouche Road and Panarama Drive.

You will notice the 40 km/h sign in the foreground. Nothing much wrong with that. It is a residential area and there are a number of speed-calming circles ahead, so 40 km/h is expected. There is also a big hill coming up. But have a good look, you will see another speed limit sign some 20 metres up the road….
That’s right folks. Not 20 metres down the road is another speed sign, this one saying that the speed limit is 60 km/h. This sign, as you can see, is barely metres away from the entrance to the traffic circle. One might expect a speed limit to decrease as the circle nears, but not here.
Look further down the road and you will notice another speed limit sign….
This picture is taken at the entrance to the circle, which according to the last signpost, has a limit of 60 km/h. I wonder what that next speed sign says….
You probably guessed it. Immediately after the traffic circle, the sign posted reverts back to 40 km/h. So there are three speed warnings in less than 100 metres. You can also notice a 40 sign painted badly on the road.
As I was walking back to my car, in the opposite direction, I noticed this signpost…
So, to recap: The speed limit, 50 metres from the circle is 40, then it increases 1 metre from the circle to 60 then as soon as one has driven out of the circle, it becomes 40 again. Meanwhile, people driving in the opposite direction are allowed to travel at 60 for the whole intersection.
Make sense now? Of course it does.

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